With the UpMenu you can start selling food online on your own restaurant website in just few minutes. Use the steps below so that your guests can easily order online, and you can easily manage your orders.

1. Create UpMenu account

You can create a 7-day free trial account. You don’t need a credit card. You can cancel any time if service will not meet your expectations.
Create a free account

2. Select your theme

You can choose from 20+ different menu layouts and 15+ different website layout (websites are free). Choose a layout that fits your brand or what you like. You can also adjust the layout to fit your brand colors or make it unique.

How to select your theme
How to customize the layout

3. Create your restaurant’s online menu

Add your offer which consists of sections, menu items, and prices.
Menu items management.

4. Configure the order types

Set the order delivery options that are right for you.

Order types.

5. Draw your specific delivery zones

Use the map to draw your delivery zones.

Delivery zones management.

6. Configure & order your mobile app

The mobile app is one of three different channels where you can sell food online: website, mobile app, Facebook fanpage.

Configure your IOS & Android mobile app by choosing colors, menu layout, and adding your restaurant logo. After configuration, you need to order your app as we need to publish it manually on Google Play and Appstore (it takes a few days).

Example Android apps
Example IOS apps

7. Install online ordering on your website

You can install UpMenu on any existing restaurant website.
Install on existing website

You can also install it as a new website.

8. Start receiving orders

You can receive online orders via any web browser or via a dedicated mobile app.
Receiving orders

Congratulations! That’s all.
Your customers can order online in your restaurant from your own website & mobile app.

What next?

Setup more elements

Remember about the marketing of your restaurant

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