The third possible way to install UpMenu is to paste a javascript snippet on any subpage of your website. UpMenu will then be available to your customers at the address where you embed UpMenu, e.g.

Warning! This is not a recommended way to install the UpMenu system. Placing a menu or page using the embed tag uses outdated iframe technology, which may cause the website to malfunction and make it difficult to use analytics tools.

  1. Go to “Shop settings” Embedding on a page”.

  2. Copy the code and paste it on your website.

  3. Verify the installation. Choose “Check” and provide the website address where UpMenu is installed. You will be automatically transferred to the restaurant's website.

  4. Go back to the UpMenu panel, information about successful installation will appear. Customers entering your website will be able to order online.

You can change the advanced installation settings at any time.

Check how the installation of the online ordering system influenced the success of our customers.


The place where you embed the menu (container) should be a minimum width of 992 pixels for the menu to look correct.

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