UpMenu offers installing the system on your own domain. When you buy a domain, you will receive an SSL certificate as part of our server, so you do not have to pay for it separately. If you already have such a certificate purchased earlier, you can cancel it when extending the domain.

Find out how to set up the installation step by step. Remember that you can install the UpMenu system on one domain.

  1. Go to “Shop settings” → “Domain”.

  2. Click "I want to use my own domain".

  3. Enter the full domain name and click "Next".

  4. Copy DNS records.

  5. Log in to your domain provider page and enter the DNS settings for your domain.

  6. Create two A records:

    * If you already have any records, delete or modify them.

  7. Return to the UpMenu panel, and check installation.

Remember that redirecting a page to your domain may take up to 24 hours Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for the website to be redirected to your domain. Until then, your website will not be available yet. Your site may not be available yet by that time. You can check the redirection status at https://dnschecker.org/ by entering your website address and checking which IP address is being returned.

Tip: You can also install UpMenu on your own subdomain. Instructions for installing on a subdomain are the same as installing on your own domain.

Possibilities to buy a domain

A domain is basically the address of your website. The right name is the key to the success of your business. It should be easy to remember, attract attention and interest, e.g. name yourrestaurantname.com

If you don’t have a domain, you should buy it from an external provider, and the most intuitive and cost-effective method is to buy the domain directly on the selected website of the domain registrar, e.g. GoDaddy, OVH, Namecheap.

An extremely important issue for the functioning of a website is hosting, for which you don’t have to pay extra because it is provided on the UpMenu side.

The most common problems and their solutions

  • The connection is not secure, the site shows up as unsecured - wait a few minutes, search for your website in incognito mode and check it in a different browser

  • The website doesn't work when you type "www" in the beginning of the address and it works without it or vice versa - check if you added two records in redirections

  • It does not work at all, i.e. there is no change in relation to what was before, e.g. the old website is still there - check if in the upmenu in the panel in the installation you have given the correct domain address with www. Check here: https://dnschecker.org/ if the domain without www and with www points to the IP address You can check here https://who.is/whois/ typing the domain name who is its registrar and if you are sure this redirection was done at the registrar and not in some other place, check on another browser/ in incognito mode

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