Connect your Facebook page with the UpMenu system to allow visiting customers to place an order or make a table booking. Every day, millions of people use Facebook, integrating the system can contribute to a significant increase in orders for your restaurant.
To be able to properly install UpMenu you must have a business page on your Facebook account liked by at least 2,000 users.

Install UpMenu on Facebook

  1. Go to the “Facebook App” in the main menu → choose the restaurant for which you want to perform this installation.

  2. Choose the type of integration, you can display on your profile: “Menu with online orders”, “Table reservation form” or “Restaurant search engine”. Click “Install”.

  3. Log in to your Facebook account.
    Get more information on setting up a Facebook business page.
    Check the formal requirements of Facebook.

  4. Choose the profile which you want to turn on the system. Click “Add Page Tab”.

  5. The “Online orders” section has been added to your Facebook profile, you can customize its layout in the “Settings” → “Templates and tabs”.

Installing a bookmark in case when only the Facebook bookmark ID is displayed

If the bookmark with orders is not displayed on your Facebook profile and you can only see the bookmark ID, follow the steps below in the UpMenu panel:

  1. Go to "FACEBOOK APP".

  2. Delete old data and repeat options selection in the fields: "Restaurant" and "What to show".

  3. Expand "Advanced Settings" and paste the "Facebook Bookmark ID" from your Facebook profile.

4. Press "Install".

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