UpMenu allows you to install a table reservation system on your restaurant website.

  1. Go to "Website" → "Installation".

  2. Click on "Start installation” or "Change installation".

  3. Choose installation type "Embedd" – "I have my own website and I want to embed UpMenu". Click "Next".

  4. Choose your website provider. Click "Next".

  5. Click on "Advanced settings".

  6. In the "Select page" section choose "Booking". This will update the code from above.

  7. Copy the code and paste it in the place where you want it to be displayed on your restaurant’s website.

  8. Go back to the UpMenu panel and click "Done".

  9. Now the customers will be able to book a table in a "Booking online" tab on the website, providing their contact data, date, time, and a number of people. They will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of a reservation in the same way as for online orders.

You can learn about how to enable/disable online reservations and configure the feature by reading this article.

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