You can easily install UpMenu system on your restaurant Wix website.

Installing UpMenu system in Wix

In order to install the UpMenu system in Wix, you need to have administrator rights on an account created in Wix.

  1. Go to “Website” → “Installation” → “Start Installation”.
  2. Choose the installation method – “Embedd UpMenu” to install UpMenu on your existing site. Click “Next”.
    How to install UpMenu on an existing website.
  3. Choose a website Provider – Wix. Click “Next”.
  4. Copy the code provided.
  5. Log in to the administration panel in Wix. Go to the “Site Actions” → “Edit site” and then choose the “Menu” subpage.
  6. Go to “Embed” → “Custom Embeds” → add the selected “HTML iframe” and then paste the copied code in the text editor.
  7. Adjust the layout and publish the page.
  8. Go back to UpMenu and check the correct installation.
  9. Customers entering your website will be able to see the menu and, as a result, make an online order.
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