Enabling the online ordering

UpMenu allows you to activate the option of online ordering on your website.

  1. Go toRestaurant” → “Switching off orders”.

  2. In order to enable online orders, move the slider to the right in the “Online orders”.

  3. Save changes.

  4. After enabling the online ordering, a customer will be able to place an order on your UpMenu website.

Disabling the online ordering

At any time, you can turn off the acceptance of online orders, for example, due to a breakdown in the premises. Furthermore, you can display an appropriate message on the restaurant's website. Disabling online orders will not terminate the contract with UpMenu.

  1. Go to “Restaurant” → “Switching off orders”.

  2. In order to disable online orders, move the slider to the left in the “Online orders”.

  3. If you wish, you can set a message for your customers and specify the reason for not accepting orders.

  4. Save changes.

  5. After disabling the online ordering, the cart and the “Order” buttons will not be visible in the menu of your UpMenu website.


You can set automated enabling of orders if the pause in accepting orders is temporary and you know exactly when you can start providing food delivery services again.

In addition, you can set order limits for individual days.

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