Online table booking is a convenient solution that allows your customers to save time looking for free space in your restaurant. You can enable this option at any time to increase profits, plan the team’s work better and make the place more attractive.

  1. Go to “Settings” → “Order settings” → “Booking settings” → enable reservations.
    In the same place, you can turn off this option at any time. If you enter the reason for turning off, the customer will see this information when trying to make a reservation

  2. Specify the time during which customers can book:
    - In the “Earliest” field, select the closest booking date – we recommend choosing “Today” to accept reservations on a regular basis
    - In the “Latest” field, select the date of the latest booking option – the optimal time is 14 days
    - In the “Time intervals” field set the intervals that will be displayed to customers when booking, select the most optimal for management.

  3. Set the minimum and the maximum number of people for whom you can reserve a table in accordance with the logistics of the premises and the possibility of service. Save.

  4. Customers can book a table in a “Booking online” tab on the website, providing their contact data, date, time, and a number of people. They will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of a reservation in the same way as for online orders.

  5. You will see the new reservation in the same way as the new order in the “Orders” section.

More information

  • Each table reservation made via the UpMenu is calculated in your subscription plan as one order.

  • In addition, you can set limits on permissible reservations for individual days.

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