Offer your customers the option of placing orders a few hours or days before the order finalization. There are many customers that will surely appreciate having this option!

  1. Go to Restaurant” → “Order settings.

  2. Turn on the option “Ordering for the future” in the “Placing orders” section.

  3. Specify the time range:
    The earliest” – Choose the earliest date of order finalization that a customer can choose. We recommend “Today” so the customer will be able to place an order for the same day.
    At the latest” – Choose the latest date of order finalization that a customer can place an order for.
    Intervals” – In this section, you specify the available options of order finalization time for a client. For instance, if you choose the recommended option of 15 minutes, the client will be able to choose the time of order finalization at intervals of 15 minutes (for instance: 10:00, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45, and so on).

  4. Save changes.

  5. Your clients will be able to choose the “Specific time” option when placing an order.

  6. The information about the date chosen by a customer will be presented in the “Order Type” field in Orders.

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