In UpMenu you have full control over how your customers' incoming orders are handled. When you accept an order, you have the option to accept or reject any of them. In order to start receiving orders, you will need a device with Internet access (e.g. Tablet) and any kind of Internet browser.

Accepting orders

After accepting the order, indicate the time in which it will be completed to inform the customer when it will be delivered or ready for pickup.

  1. Go to "Orders" → "Start receiving orders".
  2. Click "Accept" and specify the time to process the order.
  3. After placing the order, the customer will see its summary and then the confirmation of receipt along with the time of order completion indicated by you.

See how to set the order fulfillment time.

Rejecting order

When rejecting an order, give a reason why it has not been fulfilled. This will allow the customer to make a quick change and you won't have to waste time on providing the explanation.

  1. Go to "Orders" → "Start receiving orders".
  2. Click "Reject" and then enter the reason for rejection.
  3. In the summary, the customer will be informed about why his order will not be processed.
  4. Refunds of rejected orders are not sent automatically. To refund a rejected order check our instruction of Refunding online payments.

Notifications about new orders

New orders are signaled with a loud sound. To receive this notification, the application must be always enabled and you should prevent the device from entering sleep mode.

Rejection of already accepted orders

In UpMenu admin panel in orders sections you can find options for rejecting already accepted orders.

  1. Go to "Orders".
  2. Select "Accepted" order which you would like to reject.
  3. Go to menu on the right side.
  4. Choose "Reject if not completed".
  5. Write the reason or choose it from the list.
  6. Push "Reject order".
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