What menu consists of


You can group your offer thanks to the categories in the menu e.g. Pizza, Burgers, Drinks.
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2. Menu items

The menu items in the UpMenu system will be dishes from your offer e.g. Margherita, Cheeseburger, Lemonade.
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3. Modifiers

With the help of modifiers, you will allow the customer to modify dishes or create sets e.g. add-ons for pizza or create a Burger set with fries.
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4. Sizes

Sizes allow you to sell one menu item in different kinds and sizes e.g. size of a pizza, pasta type, drink capacity.
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5. Labels

With the help of the labels, you will be able to add additional information about the menu item e.g. spicy, vegan, gluten-free, new in menu.
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Many menus and menu service in chains of restaurants

UpMenu also has the option of advanced multiple menus management for individual and chain restaurants.
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