Adding menu items

  1. Go to the “Menu” → press the chosen section or create additional.
  2. There is a field for adding a new menu item below the menu items list → Enter the name and price.
  3. Changes are saved automatically and the added menu item will appear on the menu.


A menu item without a price is not displayed in the menu on the website.

Editing menu items

1. Go to the “Menu” → “Edit details” next to the specified item.

2. You can make changes, among others for the following sections:

  • Description – to determine e.g. product ingredients

3.Save your changes.

Adding menu items images

  1. Go to theMenu tab → choose the menu item for which you want to add a photo.
  2. Press “Add image” next to the product and upload images from your source. The changes will be saved automatically.
  3. Your menu items images are visible on your website.


We recommend a minimum pixel resolution 1200 x 900 pixels (4:3 image ratio).

If you upload bigger image (but with recommended image ratio) it will be scaled down automatically. Quality will be maintained.
If you upload smaller image (but with recommended image ratio) it will be scaled up automatically. Image may look blurry. NOT RECOMMENDED.
If you upload image with different image ratio it will be cropped automatically. Some parts of the image may no longer be visible. NOT RECOMMENDED. (You can choose if you want to crop images in CMS editor).


In UpMenu you have the possibility to filter products on your menu. It refers to the items of non-standard availability, e.g. half portions, recommended products, or available for a limited time.

Thanks to this function, you can easily analyze menus or make changes to the way specific items are displayed. It becomes useful in the case of managing extensive menus.

See how to filter products.

If your menu items photos are not displayed properly change a resolution of your images.

Changing resolution of menu items images

  1. Go to Theme” and choose “Customize”.
  2. Click on “Menu items” and change “Image resolution” from “Compact” to a size of your preference.
  3. Press on “Save changes”.
  4. Refresh your UpMenu website and check if your menu items pictures appear in the way you desire. You can change image resolution at any moment.
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