Creating sections

  1. Go to the “Menu”.
  2. There is an option for creating a new section on the top and at the bottom of the menu. Fill in the field “Type new section”.
  3. Save the section by clicking on the „+” sign or “Enter”.
  4. The section will appear in the menu on your website when it has at least one menu item typed.

Editing section

  1. Go to the “Menu”.
  2. Choose “Edit” in the given section.
  3. You can add a description or enable additional options in the form.
  4. Save your changes. They will be displayed in the menu instantly.

Adding photos to sections

  1. Go to “Menus” section.
  2. Choose a section, press “Add image” next to the chosen section and upload a photo from your computer. All changes will be automatically saved.
  3. Your image is imported and visible in your menu.

If your image is still not visible in your website's menu, customize your UpMenu theme.

Customizing UpMenu Theme to add photos to sections

  1. Go to “Theme” and choose “Customize”.
  2. Click on “Menu sections” and change “Image resolution” from “Hidden” to a size of your preference.
  3. Press on “Save changes”.
  4. After following the steps from the first and second video, the photo will be visible in your menu.

Sorting section orders

  1. Go to the "Menu".
  2. In the "Section", select the section you want to move.
  3. Grab a section and move it.
  4. Leave the section in its new place.
  5. Your change will be visible in the UpMenu panel in the Menu and on the restaurant's website.

Creating product subsection

  1. Go to "Menus" and "Type new section".
  2. Chose category of products you would like to add as subsection.
  3. In the selected category that is to be linked with the newly created category, edit it and select "Advanced settings".
  4. In the "Parent group" section, select the category you created and click "Saved".
  5. Now in the "Sections", you can see the parent category with subcategory.
  6. On the restaurant's website, the menu will now display the parent product category, and after expanding it, the customer will see the other categories.
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