Step 1 Create sizes

  1. Go to the “Menu” tab → Sizes” on the right side of the panel → “Create menu item size” → Name an item size eg. “Type of beverage”. Save changes.

  2. Click “+” to add a size option → enter the name eg. “small” or “big”. Save your changes.

Step 2 Adding sizes to menu items

  1. Click the more options icon next to the chosen product → “Manage sizes” → Choose sizes to be added from the list.

  2. After that new price fields will appear in the item menu section. Write down prices for the given menu item sizes.

Removing sizes

  1. To remove sizes, first of all, you have to unpin them from all products. Go to the “Menu” tab → more options icon next to each product → “Manage sizes” → “no size”.

  2. Go to the “Sizes” section and delete the chosen size.

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