Setting the price of packaging relative to the order value

This method enables you to set packaging costs that depend on the order value. Configure the costs of packaging as you wish, e.g. packaging cost of $1.00 for orders up to $30 and $2.00 for orders exceeding $30, etc.

1. Go to “Settings” → “Packages costs”.
2. Choose “Packages cost based on order price”.
3. Enter the order value and then applicable packaging cost.
4. Click “+” and fill the next fields with other values. Save your changes.

Setting the packaging price for specific products

This method enables you to add a particular packaging cost to each product on your menu. You may use this option when you have meal specific packaging.

1. Go to the “Settings” → “Packages costs”.
2. Choose “Package cost for a single menu item”.
3. Expand the selected product category – enter the packaging cost.
Changes are saved automatically.

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