In the UpMenu system, you have the option of freely configuring order types by choosing from general order types or enter your own preferences.

Setting up the basic types of orders

Set up different delivery options for orders to enable customers to conveniently receive them adapted to the restaurant's situation. At any time, you can add or limit the order types, leaving min. 1 option enabled. The exclusion of the order types doesn't involve the exclusion of online orders.

  1. Go to Restaurant” → “Order types.

  2. Choose available order types:
    delivery – to deliver orders to customers;
    pickup – when customers can pick up their order at the restaurant;
    dine-in – when customers can eat on-site;
    table ordering – to give your customers an opportunity to order and pay directly from their table. You can read more about this order type here.

  3. Save changes.

  4. The choice of order type will appear in the cart.

Configure custom order types

Define custom order types with unique features to give customers a choice tailored to their needs. With this option, you can create special types of orders e.g. drive-through or contactless delivery.

  1. Go to Restaurant” → “Order types”.

  2. Expand “Advanced settings”.

  3. Click on the “New custom delivery” button.

  4. Set a new order type active.

  5. Enter the custom delivery type.

  6. Save changes.

  7. The new order type will be displayed below the existing delivery options.

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