In UpMenu you have three different payment methods:

  • Online payments:
    Customers will make online payments while ordering both while delivery and takeaway. Supported online payment providers: Stripe (Apple Pay and Google Pay), PayPal, PayU, and Adyen.

  • Card:
    Customers will pay with a card to the delivery person during delivery (the delivery person must carry the card terminal on them) or at the cashier desk in your restaurant while picking up the order (the cashier desk must have a card terminal).

  • Cash:
    Customers will pay with cash to the delivery person or at the cashier desk in your restaurant while picking up the order while takeaway.


UpMenu is the processor for the payment process and allows you to use three providers: Adyen, Stripe, PayU, and PayPal. To use them, you must create an account.

Setting payment methods

The UpMenu system allows you to set different payment methods.

  1. Go to Restaurant” → “Payments types”.

  2. Mark the payment methods you want to offer your customers.

  3. Save your changes.

  4. The selected payment methods will be available in the order form.

UpMenu allows you to limit a payment type to selected delivery methods. You can read about it here.

Availability of supported online payment providers

Payment provider

Payment types



Payment cards,

Apple Pay, Google Pay


You can configure the payment methods you want to add to your account: (Supported Countries)


PayPal’s account, payment cards


Payment cards

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria

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