Adyen provides a modern, end-to-end payment infrastructure and connects your business directly to payment card networks (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and others) and local payment methods around the world. Make the configuration on your website to offer your customers safe online payments.

Setting up an account in Adyen

  1. Go to the Adyen website and create an account to access the Customer Area, a dedicated area for managing your payments.
    After creating an account, you will receive:

a.) A corporate account, YourCompany, that represents your business at Adyen.

b.) Merchant account, YourCompanyECOM, which represents the unit that processes payments and withdrawals of funds.

  1. Go to “Developers”“API credentials” → click on “ws” in the “Username” section → click on the “Generate new API key” button.
    After generating the API Key, save it in a safe place. It is not possible to read it again later, only to generate a new API Key.
    Then click on the “Save Generated API Key” button.

  2. Now we are going to configure the “Pay by Link” payment option. This method means that there will be generated a link for each payment, and the customer will be redirected to the payment page operated by Adyen.
    To configure the appearance of the payment page, go to “Pay by Link”“Themes”“Create New Theme”.
    Introduce the changes you wish. Among others, you can change the display name, you can add the brand logo, and change the background.

  3. Now set up payment status notifications. Go to “Developers”“Webhooks” and click the “+ Webhook” button. Then, click on the “Add” button next to “Standard notification” in the “Recommended webhooks” section.

  4. In order to be informed of whether the payment was successful, it is necessary to inform Adyen to which address the notifications should be sent. Enter the URL and mark it as active.

  5. Expand the “Additional Settings” and generate an HMAC Key. It will be used for configuration in UpMenu, as it is used for signing notifications by Adyen. Remember to save it in a safe place, because after generating it, it will not be possible to display it again.
    Remember to click on the “Save Configuration” button.

Here you can find a page that guides you through setting up an Adyen account.

Installation in UpMenu

  1. Go to the “Restaurant” → “Payment Types” → turn “Online payments” on and then “Adyen”.

  2. Fill in the fields as appropriate:
    Merchant account – merchant account name from Adyen (ending in ECOM). You can find it on the top of the Adyen menu.
    API Key – Your API Key from Adyen.
    HMAC Key – Your HMAC Key generated when configuring notifications, used to verify that the received notifications come from Adyen.
    Live Url prefix – The URL can be found after the account activation on the Adyen website in the “Developers” “API URLs” section.

  3. Save changes.

  4. When placing an order, customers will be able to choose online payments made by Adyen.

Credit card processing fees

As a restaurant owner, you must have a merchant account with the payment provider for the settlement of credit card and/or debit card transactions. For more information on credit card processing fees, please contact your payment provider.

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