The UpMenu system is integrated with the TSP654II and mC-Print3 printers supplied by Star. Thanks to this integration, orders will be printed automatically after their acceptance. Make sure your TSP654II or mC-Print3 printer supports CloudPRNT.

Configuration of the TSP654II and mC-Print3 printer

  1. Connect the printer to the power network and router.

  2. Turn the printer on while pressing “Feed” at the same time. The printer will generate 2 prints. The second print will feature the IP address of the printer at the bottom.

  3. Go to your web browser and enter the IP address shown on the printout to access the printer configuration panel.

  4. From the menu on the left, select "Login", after logging in, go to "CloudPRNT".

  5. In "CloudPRNT Service", choose “ENABLE”.

  6. Go to UpMenu platform. Choose "Settings"→ "Appstore" → "CloudPRNT", to activate printing and get Server URL address.

  7. Turn on "Printing enable" next to restaurant which you want to connect.

  8. Copy the "Print URL" and close the window, CloudPRNT is now active.

  9. Go back to the printer settings and paste the URL into the "Server URL" field.

  10. Set the time for collecting prints – we recommend 20 seconds.

  11. Save settings "Submit" → "Save".

  12. The configuration settings have been saved, confirm by clicking "Execute".

  13. When you accept new order in UpMenu platform in the right top corner you can see button "Send to printer", after clicking on it printer will automatically print the order. If you need to print this order once again, after automatic printout the button changes to "Print again".

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