In UpMenu, you can define different restaurant working hours, taking into account the types of order fulfillment. Additional functionality to set a break in the restaurant’s operation for each order fulfillment option will help you organize work time. Check also how to manage orders for as soon as possible and for the future.

Setting working hours

You can freely define your restaurant's opening hours as well as delivery and takeaway hours taking into account local customs related to breaks in work, so called siestas. To efficiently serve customers you can set hours for table booking, remembering to turn on the booking option in the system.

  1. Go to "Restaurant" → "Working hours" → "Default".

  2. Set the restaurant’s opening and closing hours on specific days of the week.

  3. Optionally, you can introduce a break in the operation of the premises. To do this, set the hours for the first part of the day and then use the "+" sign and enter the opening hours after the break.

  4. If you want, set the hours for deliveries, pickups and table booking if they differ from default opening hours.

  5. Save Changes.

  6. Customers will see the restaurant’s opening hours when placing an order in the Information section.


If you have entered custom types of deliveries in your restaurant, also make sure that the hours of their implementation are properly set to ensure the smooth operation of the premises.

Also check if you have set ordering time. Go to "Restaurant" → "Ordering time", these settings affect the set times for booking tables.

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