The UpMenu system allows you to easily take care of the proper positioning of your restaurant by configuring titles, tags, and keywords for your website.

Proper use of SEO can affect the position of your restaurant in search engines. This, in turn, will increase traffic to your site and allow you to attract new customers and increase sales.

When you are running a single restaurant

Using UpMenu, you can improve the positioning of your website in just a few moments.

  1. Go to "Website""Theme".

  2. Expand the options and choose "Navigation".

  3. Expand the options of a subpage you wish to edit, and click on the "Edit" button.

  4. In the section "Title" write a short sentence that describes the nature of your restaurant perfectly.

  5. In the section "Description" write a few sentences that will encourage customers to open your website. The text will show up in a Google search under the title.

  6. In the section "Keywords" write some words or groups of words that describe your offer. Separate each position with a comma. You can write, for example, "best burgers" or "cheap food."

  7. Save changes.

When you are running a restaurant chain

If you have a chain of restaurants, the positioning of each one of them can be configured separately.

  1. Go to "Website""Theme".

  2. Expand the options and choose "Navigation".

  3. Set the title, description, and keywords according to the instruction above.

  4. Open the edition window of the subpage "Restaurant" and fill it in according to the example below:
    – Title: {{restaurant.title}}
    – Description: {{restaurant.description}}
    – Keywords: {{restaurant.keywords}}

  5. Save changes.

  6. Go to "Restaurant" → "Address and contact".

  7. Choose the restaurant from the list and extend "Advanced settings".

  8. Go to the "SEO" section and fill in the following fields: "Title", "Description" and "Keywords".

  9. Save changes.

  10. Repeat for all your restaurants.

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