In UpMenu, you have the option to choose from a number of free website themes. You can change the themes at any time, so you will be able to quickly and easily adapt your website to e.g. changes in the distinctive colors of your restaurant.

  1. Go to the "Shop settings" → "Theme".

  2. Choose the theme by specifying - "I already have a website", "I don't have my own website".

  3. Set theme that best suits your restaurant (you can customize it or change your choice later at any time).

  4. Press "Activate" and confirm your choice. You can also preview the template by clicking "Preview".

  5. The changes are visible on the restaurant's website.

When you change to another theme, you only change the look of the page. This means that all the information in the "Shop settings" → "Content" tab will disappear. The rest of the information about the restaurant, such as working hours, restaurant data, menu, pictures in the menu etc. will not be changed.

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