Your logo plays a key role in identifying your restaurant. A well-designed logo allows you to increase your restaurant's recognizability and attract new customers!

Changing the website logo

The UpMenu system allows you to add your restaurant logo in just a few steps. If you use the UpMenu website, you can configure your restaurant logo directly in our system.

  1. Go to Shop settings” → “Theme”.

  2. Click on the “Customize” button.

  3. Press the current logo icon, choose the new one from your source and upload it to the system.

  4. In order to adjust the logo size, click on the “Theme settings” button.

  5. Choose your logo size in the “Menu sections” section.

  6. Save changes.

  7. The new logo will appear on your website in the chosen size.


Use .png format with transparent background to have a logo with no background. You can ask for help from your graphic designer, but you can also remove the white background by yourself by using one of the free online websites like, for example,

Adding a logo to e-mail notifications

The UpMenu system allows you to add your logo to the e-mail notifications that the customers automatically receive from the system. For example, in the notification about order acceptance.

  1. Go to “Shop settings” → “Logo”.

  2. Click on “Upload a logo” and choose your logo.

  3. The changes are saved automatically.

  4. The logo will be presented in the e-mail notifications.

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