Easily enter photos showcasing your restaurant and most importantly the tasty dishes you offer. You can present photos of events that took place in your establishment. Thanks to an attractive gallery, you will gain more customers.

Adding images to the gallery

  1. Go to the“Shop settings”“Content”.

  2. Click “Gallery”. If you don’t see the gallery, it may mean the theme you have chosen doesn’t contain the “Gallery” module.

  3. Press “Create entry” → “Upload image”.

  4. Click “Add a new photo or file”. Upload an image from your file. We recommend image sizes between 1200 px and 2000 px.

  5. "Save" changes.

  6. The photos in the “Gallery” can be seen on the restaurant's website.


Before adding your own photos to the gallery, delete the photos that are assigned to the selected template.

What next?

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