In UpMenu you can freely customize the look and content of your website. Sometimes, however, too many subpages or the lack of interesting content in them worsen the convenience and user experience.

Adding subpages

Add new subpages to organize the content on your website and attract customers attention. Thanks to the intuitive editor, you can easily add subpages using a theme, external link or a ready-made file.

  1. Go to "Shop settings" → "Navigation".

  2. Select additional options at the Home tab → "Add new subpage".

  3. Fill in the form - enter the name and edit the permalink, then select the template "free-text.html".

  4. Select "Published" and the place where the subpage should be visible - in the top navigation and / or in the footer (option dependent on the selected template).

  5. Fill in the SEO information - enter the title, description and keywords.

  6. Save.

  7. The new subpage will be visible on your website according to the entered settings.

Important: To configure the appearance of a new subpage, go to Customize and edit the content. After configuration, your new subpage will help to highlight the restaurant's offer even better. If you have a multi-language website you need to translate the names of your subpages.

Hiding and deleting subpages

Take care of your website's functionality by removing too many subpages (e.g. created for special events) as searching through them by users or search engine robots may be troublesome, hindering indexation and adversely affecting SEO. You can also hide a subpage which is not relevant to your audience or its content is outdated.

  1. Go to "Shop settings" → "Navigation".

  2. Select additional options next to the subpage you want to hide/remove. If you want to hide a subpage, select "Edit".

  3. Uncheck the option "Published" to hide the subpage completely and "Save".

  4. The subpage will not be visible to customers on your website, but you can turn it on again later at any time.

  5. If you want to delete the subpage completely click "Delete entire page including translations" and confirm your decision by clicking "Ok".

  6. The subpage has been removed in the system and will not be visible to customers on your website.

Setting the display of subpages in navigation

Improve the functionality of your website by presenting subpages in the top or bottom navigation, or both. The available options depend on the selected theme.

  1. Go to "Shop settings" → "Navigation".

  2. Select additional options next to the subpage you want to customize → "Edit".

  3. Check the option "Is visible in the top navigation" or "Is visible in the footer" or both of them.

  4. "Save".

  5. Repeat the action for those subpages whose view you want to adjust.

  6. The entered settings are visible on your restaurant's website.

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