The UpMenu online food ordering system allows you to easily integrate a Web page with the Facebook pixel.

  1. Log in to your restaurant's Facebook page. Go to the Event Manager.
  2. Go to “Data Source”, select a pixel and click on “Settings”. If you don't have a pixel, check out how to create and install a Facebook pixel.
  3. Copy the “Pixel ID”.
  4. Go to the UpMenu panel, choose “Settings”“Appstore”“Facebook Pixel”.
  5. Paste the pixel code in the field below “Facebook Pixel” and save the changes.

The integration is ready and from now on you will have access to statistics of two types of events: adding to cart and placing an order. You will find the data on your Facebook page.

Restaurants on the portal cannot have their own integrations with the Facebook pixel, because the data is collected for the entire website, not for a specific restaurant.

If your client has a program enabling the blocking of internet ads in his browser, such as AdBlock, uBlock, etc., then any event made on the website (e.g. adding to the cart, placing an order) will not be registered by Facebook Pixel Code.

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