"Reseller" partners can sell UpMenu under their own brand. UpMenu provides a simple and quick white label account setup that allows you to create your own branding in a few easy steps. Configure your reseller account according to the instructions.

Install the UpMenu system on your own domain/subdomain address

Before you proceed to configure your white label you need to configure the domain or subdomain under which the administration panel is to be available.
Domain/subdomain configuration requires DNS configuration.
a) Create an A record for your domain the www prefix that points to
b) Create an A record for your domain without the www prefix that points to
c) Wait approx. 24h for the changes to take effect.
d) Check if the panel is available under the new domain or subdomain (links can be found in the white label configuration form).

White label configuration

  1. Go to “Settings” → “White label”. All the settings you have made, such as logo, company name, email address and brand color, will be saved automatically in your customers' account. If you add something, such as email address, it will be pulled up when adding another restaurant account.

  2. If you do not have an email address configured from which the system will send all email messages to customers, e.g. confirming the order or email campaigns, then you need to configure it.

  3. Remember that your email address must be an address with your own domain, not a public address like @gmail.com, @outlook.com or @yahoo.com.
    Configuring the email address also requires DNS configuration.
    a) Add DKIM and SPF records for your domain according to this instruction.

    b) Add your email address in Settings” → “White label.
    c) Within 24 hours, a link will be sent to this email address confirming that you have access to this account.
    d) Copy this verification link and send it back to the UpMenu chat.
    e) Wait approx. 24 h for the DNS changes to take effect.
    f) When the configuration is correct, we will notify you via email.

  4. Go to white label account "Configuration".

  5. Fill in the fields and "Save" the changes. The changes you make will automatically apply to subsequent accounts of restaurants you work with.

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