In the UpMenu you can easily check order history for both the entire chain and individual restaurants as well as customer order history. Selected reports can be viewed directly on the website or you can download them as Microsoft Excel files.

Orders history

  1. Go to “Reports” → “Orders history”.
  2. Choose the period for which you want to view orders. Using filters, you can specify additional search criteria, including:
    - Order status – shows the stage of implementation
    - Payment returns – shows the status of the customer’s order return
    - Order type – shows how the order was processed
    - Invoicing status – applies to the UpMenu settlement and shows the status: not yet invoiced, invoiced or not invoiced (e.g. unrealized orders).
  3. Click “Search”.
  4. A short summary will be displayed first, showing the total value and number of orders, average order amount, and tips.
  5. Below the summary, you will find the exact list of orders including the filters used. Go to “Details” next to the chosen order to view its summary.
    You can also download the report in the upper right corner as an Excel file and analyze the frequency of ordering the menu items (the “Products” report) or to check the implementation details (the “Order” report).

Customer’s order history

In the UpMenu system, the order history is saved for each customer, even if they aren’t registered. You can easily check how often a customer places an order at your restaurant.

  1. Go to “Reports” → “Customers”.
  2. You can specify the time the order was placed or its status to narrow the scope.
  3. Enter the customer’s details or email address in the search box.
  4. Click “Details” to view order history.
  5. You can also download this report in the upper right corner as an Excel file. You can check there a.o. the consents to receiving the newsletter, the number or value of orders.
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