As an account administrator, you can check the history of all invoices issued by UpMenu along with the details of the calculation.

  1. Go to the Settings” → " Settlements" → “Invoices:
    - If you have unpaid invoices, they will be displayed first in the “To pay” section,
    - If you want to check the invoice history, go to the “Paid” section.

  2. The table contains the most important information about issued invoices – name of restaurants (if you have a restaurant chain, you will receive a separate document for each of them), invoice number, date and type of payment, the period for which the invoice is issued, the amount to be paid and the settlement period for compensation.

  3. Click “Details” next to the selected invoice to display it:
    - Check the invoice number, date of sale and payment
    - Check the seller and buyer details
    - Check the name of services rendered for which the invoice was issued and information on the method of settlement.


You can download the invoice in pdf format or print it by clicking the "Download" button. If you want to check the details of the orders included in the invoice, click "Report", you will be automatically redirected to the order history.

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