Managing your restaurant’s menu becomes incredibly easy with UpMenu, and it’s no different when you need more than only one menu and/or price list!

When multiple menus are useful

1. You change the menu into a new one (e.g. new season).

In this situation, you can create a new menu in the system that will not be available to customers. Then configure it and make it available on the day the new menu comes into effect. Remember that only one menu can be active and available on your website at once.

2. You change the prices into new ones (e.g. new season).

Then you add a price list to the current menu, where you will enter new prices. The ready price list will be available on the website at the right time.

3. You have a chain of restaurants with the same menu.

In UpMenu you create one menu that will be available for your chain of restaurants. Thanks to this, you can easily and quickly manage the menu in the whole chain.

4. You have a chain of restaurants with the same menu but with different prices.

Locations in larger cities often have to pay higher rent costs. In this case, UpMenu gives you the option of creating one menu and multiple price lists. Thanks to this, the same offer will have different prices depending on the location of the restaurant.

5. You have a chain of restaurants with different menus and different prices for each localization.

Each restaurant in the chain has a different offer and different prices? In UpMenu you can create a separate menu for each restaurant with an individual price list.

Creating multiple menus (one restaurant)

Let’s assume that you would like to create a second menu for your restaurant.

  1. In the “Menus” section, expand options and choose “Manage multiple menus.

  2. In the right upper corner, choose Create a new menu.

  3. Name the new menu e.g. “Menu 2020” and hit Save.

  4. In the newly created menu, choose the option Create new pricing. Name it e.g. “Pricelist 2020” and choose your restaurant. The price list is an integral part of the menu. Without creating a price list, it is impossible to create a menu.

  5. Create a new menu. See how to add sections and menu items.

  6. When the new menu will be ready, return to “Manage multiple menus to update the menu on the website.

  7. From the options at the updated menu, choose Edit.

  8. In the section Restaurants where this menu is available delete your restaurant and hit Save.

  9. Enter the new menu edit options. In the form, choose your restaurant and hit Save.

  10. The new menu will be available for your customers on the website.

Creating multiple menus (a chain of restaurants)

Let’s assume that you have a chain of 3 restaurants: in New York, Boston, and Chicago. You want the New York and Boston restaurants to have the same menus but different prices and the Chicago restaurant has a different menu.

  1. In theMenus section, expand options and choose Manage multiple menus.

  2. In the existing menu through the options, click Edit.

  3. In the form, change the name e.g. “New York and Boston Menu” and choose the “New York” and “Boston” restaurants from the list.

  4. In the existing price list through the options, click Edit. Change its name into e.g. “price list New York” and select the “New York” restaurant.

  5. To add another price list in the menu, expand options and then Create new pricing. Name it, e.g., “price list Boston” and choose the “Boston” restaurant.

  6. In both pricing lists, sections and menu items will be the same. The difference appears in prices. For the “New York” restaurant prices for the “New York” will be visible and in the “price list Boston” prices for the “Boston” restaurant will be visible.

  7. Select “price list New York” and enter the menu and prices for the “New York” restaurant. See how to add sections and menu items.

  8. In the left upper corner, through options on the menu, you can switch between pricing and menu quickly. Select “price list Boston” from the list and enter the prices for the “Boston” restaurant.

  9. Return to the menu management and analogically create a new menu and its price list. Assign the menu and the price list to the third restaurant – “Chicago”.

  10. Fill in the menu and prices for “Chicago”.

  11. After selecting the restaurant, a menu will appear on the website with the corresponding prices of the third restaurant.

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