The UpMenu system allows you to set up tax rates for products in your menu according to your local legal requirements.

  1. Go to "Settings" → “Order settings” → "Taxes".

  2. Move the slider to enable taxes.

  3. Enter the name of the tax. For example, "VAT".

  4. Specify whether the prices in your menu are gross or net:
    - If you choose "Tax in prices (prices include taxes)", the prices in your menu will be gross.
    - If you choose "Tax not in prices (prices don't include tax)", the prices in your menu will be net, and the tax will be added to the order's total price.

  5. If you wish, you can a default tax rate for all menu items in the "Default tax (optional)" section. The tax will be added for all the items in the menu that do not have an individual value tax assigned.

  6. If you want the delivery amount to be included in the calculation of taxes, activate the option "tax on delivery fee".

  7. Save changes.

  8. Go to "Menu".

  9. Click on "Edit details" (a pencil icon) next to the item you wish to edit.

  10. Expand the "Advanced settings".

  11. Go to the "Tax value" section and set the tax for the item.

  12. Save the changes.

  13. The information about taxation will be presented in the cart at the moment of placing the order.

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