In the UpMenu online food ordering system, you can set tax types and amounts as per your local legal requirements.

  1. Go to the “Settings” – choose “Taxes” and turn “Taxes” on.
  2. Enter the Tax name suitable for your location.
  3. Specify the price type:
    - Menu & other prices includes taxes / gross
    - Menu & other prices don’t include taxes/net
  4. Enter the amount of tax – you can change this later any time:
    - Set default tax for all menu items (optionally)
    - You can also customize the tax rate for each menu item. For this purpose, go to the “Menu” section.
  5. Go to “Edit details” and then “Advanced settings”. Enter the Tax value and save the changes.
  6. The customers will see different tax values ​​in their order summary.
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