Recommendations are an effective way of encouraging the customer to place a bigger order and, as a result, increase your sales!

In the UpMenu system, you can recommend your menu items in three different ways.

  1. Go to “Settings” → “Order settings” → “Recommend products”.

  2. Choose how to recommend products from the available options and activate it by moving the slider:

    “Show in the Recommended section” — This option activates a new category of recommended products in your menu.

    This way you can encourage customers to take advantage of, for instance, the offer of the week.

    “Recommend on visiting the menu” — This option activates a pop-up after entering your website with the recommended products. The pop-up is visible only when a customer is using a PC.

    This is a great way to present the customer with the offer of the day, for example.

    — “Recommend before finishing order” — This option activates a pop-up recommendation of the products at the moment of clicking on the “Go to checkout” button. The pop-up is visible on the PC and the application.

    This option can be used to suggest customers buying smaller products like drinks or appetizers. It’s an easy way to increase the sale of additional menu items. You can use this option to recommend products that are not normally visible on the menu.

  3. The changes will be saved automatically and the changes will be activated on your website.

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