Adjust the language of your website according to your preferences. We live in a multilingual world, so offering your site in multiple languages ​​is a great way to make it more user-friendly and connect with new audiences.

  1. Go to Shop settings” → “Language.

  2. Set your preferred language as "active".

  3. If you select different languages, enable the “Multi language website” option to add more languages and then enter them in the "active" field.

  4. You can configure as many languages as you want to allow a seamless experience for foreign language customers.

  5. Save changes.

  6. Customers can choose the language by visiting your website. Remember that the menu and any content that you enter yourself in the UpMenu panel are not translated automatically.

Languages in which the website and mobile application are available

UpMenu offers many languages for website and mobile application. You can set any number of them from languages such as:

  • English

  • Polish

  • Spanish (Latin American)

  • Russian

  • French

  • Italian

  • Czech

  • Portuguese (Brazilian)

  • Arabic

  • Slovak

  • Norwegian

Change menu language

To add other language versions of your menu, add translations in your restaurant's panel follow the steps below.

  1. Go to "Menu".

  2. In the upper right corner you will find the language shortcuts that you have installed on your website.

  3. Click on the desired language.

  4. Rename the categories and products to the language of your choice. The changes are saved automatically.

  5. Your menu is available in a new language on your website.

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