Customer review

In UpMenu admin panel you can find section with customer opinion and if you want to you can write an answer on selected opinion.

  1. Go to "Reviews".

  2. Set time frame from date to date and restaurant if you have more than one, press "Search".

  3. Chose opinion you would like to answer, click the arrow on the right and chose "Write answer".

  4. Write and "Send answer".

  5. Your client will receive your reply via e-mail.

Displaying reviews on the menu

In the UpMenu admin panel, you can share customer reviews, making them visible to everyone on the restaurant's website.

  1. Go to the "Restaurant", select "Order settings".

  2. Select "Advanced Settings".

  3. Turn on "Publish ratings".

  4. "Save" settings.

  5. The reviews will be visible in the restaurant information on the menu.

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