Make your website attractive by introducing interesting, personalized images that will also be an advertisement, the first presentation of the offer, and encourage customers to place orders.

  1. Go to Shop settings” → “Content”.

  2. Choose “Header background”. If you cannot see this option, it means your theme does not support adding images. Choose a theme that does. For example, “Little Italy theme”.

  3. Press “Create entry”.

  4. Choose where and when you want to publish the image.

  5. Click on the “Upload image” button and choose one image from your disk, remembering the appropriate format and size.

  6. Click on the uploaded picture to choose it.

  7. Save changes.

  8. You can upload any number of images by adding a separate entry each time. Moreover, you can edit any entry to change the picture instead of adding a new one.

  9. If you use a multi-language website, you have to add pictures for each language separately. You can choose the language by expanding the language menu and choosing another language.

  10. The image will be displayed on your restaurant’s website. If you have published more than one picture, they will automatically change in the slider.

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