The popup feature allows additional content to appear automatically when customers enter your restaurant's website.
In our system, you have the option to customize the popup view in two ways. In one of them, the popup will appear to every visitor automatically after entering the website, in the other one - only after clicking on the information bar.

  1. Go to "Website" → "Content" → "Popup".

  2. Press "Create entry".

  3. Add text in the editor field - you can also upload images or other graphic elements.

  4. Indicate how the pop-up window will appear on the website by choosing from two options:
    - Show on home page - thanks to this, customers can decide for themselves whether they want to display the message by clicking on the information bar after entering the restaurant website
    - Show popup on page enter instead of top info bar - by choosing this option you can be sure that every customer will see your message. Save changes.

  5. Depending on the selected settings, customers will be informed directly at the entrance to the website or after clicking on the information bar.


A popup will appear to the customer on your restaurant's website once every 30 minutes or after clearing cookies.

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