UpMenu has a well-developed content management system (CMS), thanks to this you can easily place information on your restaurant's website.

Editing the information displayed on the home page

The home page is the showcase of your restaurant. It is worth ensuring that its content attracts the attention of visitors and potential customers.

  1. Go to the Shop settings” → “Visual editor”.

  2. Choose the "Home" tab and add your content.

  3. Save Changes.

  4. The entered information will be displayed to your customers on the home page (depending on the selected theme, also in the "About us" tab).

Editing the information displayed in the Contact tab

The contact tab is undoubtedly one of the most important places on your restaurant's website. Make sure it contains relevant and current information.

  1. Go to "Restaurant" → "Address and contact".

  2. Edit the contact details.

  3. Save Changes.

  4. Customers will see information on your restaurant's website in the "Contact" tab.

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