UpMenu allows you to synchronize menus and receive orders from multiple different accounts on one account. With synchronization, you will streamline the work of your restaurants.

Account Synchronization

With order synchronization, you can receive orders from multiple accounts on one UpMenu account. You only need to configure your menu and restaurant settings once, and with account sync, use them across all your synced accounts. The settings that will sync are:

  • Address, contact information and status under "Address and Contact"

  • Working hours

  • Delivery zones

  • Order types

  • Orders online, Placing orders, Minimal order price and Order form in "Orders settings" tab

  • Booking settings

  • Orders limits

  • Packages cost

  • Inventory

  • Recommended products

  1. Log in to the account you want to sync with your main account. Go to "Appstore".

  2. Expand the options, select "Integration codes", choose "Restaurants" and assign a unique restaurant code, such as ninjagrillflavor.

  3. "Save" your changes and copy the code.

  4. Log in to the account where you want to receive orders. Go to "Appstore". Select "Account synchronization".

  5. In the field "The source code of the restaurant" enter the code you created earlier. If you are synchronizing more than one account, enter the codes after the comma. To synchronize "Account synchronization" in the "Restaurant target code" field, enter the code.

  6. Enable "Online orders synchronization" and "Synchronize menus and restaurant settings", you can also additionally enable the synchronization of delivery zones. Click "Close".

  7. The account synchronization is activated. Your orders have been synchronized. From now on, orders placed on the website of the account that is synced will also appear on your main account. Information about the origin of the order will appear next to the order.


If an order with online payment is declined, you will need to log in to the account from which the order was placed to process the payment refund.

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