UpMenu has extensive security systems such as data in certified database centers. Logging in is encrypted with passwords.

1. Does UpMenu do backups?

We make regular backups, backups are made every few hours.

2. Do UpMenu have redundant systems?

The systems are redundant and run on several parallel machines.

3. Has the UpMenu platform passed a security audit?

The entire system is operated by the OVH professional data center.

4. Is the UpMenu system safe?

Yes, the UpMenu system is safe, logging in is done using passwords.

5. Is it possible to check the stability of the system?

Here you can check how stably the system is running https://status.upmenu.com/

6. Is there any way to backup and restore the online ordering system ? We have a backup live system in "standby" mode which means that if our main system fails, there is a parallel one with live data synchronized i.e. real time backup.

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