You can easily install UpMenu system on your restaurant Joomla website.

Installing UpMenu system in Joomla

In order to install the UpMenu system in Joomla, you need to have administrator rights on an account created in Joomla.

  1. Go to “Website” “Installation”“Start Installation”.

  2. Choose the installation method – “Embedd UpMenu” to install UpMenu on your existing site. Click “Next”.

  3. Choose a website Provider → “Other”. Click “Next”.

  4. Copy the code provided.

  5. Log in to the administration panel in Joomla.

  6. Go to “System”“Global Configuration”.

  7. In “Site” tab change “Default Editor” for “Editor – None”. Save it.

  8. Go back to control panel. Add “New Article”.

  9. Paste the copied code into “Content”. Make sure that the status is “Published”. Save the article.

  10. Go to “Menus”. Choose “Menu Items”, press "New", fill in the “Menu Title”.

  11. Click on “Menu Item Type”“Articles”“Single Article”.

  12. Press “Select Article” and choose an article from the list.

  13. Choose in which Menu you want it to appear and press save.

  14. Go back to UpMenu and check the correct installation.

  15. Customers entering your website will be able to order online. Customers prefer ordering online directly from the restaurant website. Use restaurant menu themes selected by UpMenu to create an engaging website and get more customers for your business.

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