UpMenu order management app for IOS & Android is an application for restaurant owners, managers and staff. It allows you to receive online orders easier and faster, significantly increases your mobility and reduces the chances of missing an order.

UpMenu mobile application for receiving orders

To install and run UpMenu app download the application on your device from Google Play Store for Android or from App Store for IOS.

Log in to the application using the same access data that you use to log in via UpMenu website on your computer.

UpMenu application has several useful features which you can use:

  1. Online orders management
    You can accept and receive orders, check status of individual orders or customer data for the last 72 hours.
    Check how to accept or reject orders.

  2. Managing availability of products on the menu
    In the "Menu" section you can manage the availability of items in the restaurant's menu and enable or disable a given product or the entire product category from sale. It is especially useful when a product runs out and you need to quickly disable its availability.

  3. Accessing the reports of orders history and the revenue
    Thanks to the "Reports" option you can display sales reports for a given period of time. By default you can see the data from the last 24 hours. These are information such as the number of accepted orders or the exact turnover of a given premises.

  4. Settings
    In "Settings" you have access to options such as choosing the language in which the application works and settings of the printing device paired with the phone (possible printing via Bluetooth on Star printers).

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