UpMenu offers you many various fonts to implement on your website to make sure that you can be visually appealing to your customers. Check out how to change fonts on your UpMenu website.

Changing fonts on your UpMenu website

  1. Go to “Shop settings”“Visual editor”.

  2. Choose “General settings” and to change a text font choose a desired one from the “Font” list. You can also change:
    a) header font type in “General settings”
    b) website header font in “Website header”
    c) website navigation font in “Website navigation”

  3. Press “Save changes”.

  4. Your text font was changed and is displayed on your website.

Install new fonts on your website

If you use certain fonts for all your branding materials and you don't find these fonts in UpMenu system, you can easily add your own fonts.

  1. Go to “Shop settings”“Advanced” “Code editor”.

  2. In the “Assets” section upload your own font file.

    @font-face {
    font-family: YOUR_FONT;
    src: url({{site.assets_path}}/YOUR_FONT.ttf);
  3. You need to change a name “YOUR_FONT” to the name of the file you want to upload from your computer.

  4. In the “Styles” open the “custom-style.css” and add to the first line below code:

  5. Select “Save”.

  6. Go to “Configurations”“settings-current.json”.

  7. Find one of the following keys in the code and change their value for the names of font files you uploaded before in assets to modify:
    a) header font - header_text_font
    b) website navigation font - nav_link_text_font
    c) text font - text_font
    d) header font - text_header_font

  8. Save your changes.

  9. Your fonts were changed and are displayed on your website.

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