By joining to the UpMenu partner program you need to check the regulations of your country if you don't need to run a business. In the UpMenu partner program, the commission is settled and paid each month, on the basis of issued invoices. In order for the invoice uploaded to the system to be formally correct, the necessary information for its issuing must be completed.

Correct VAT invoice

  1. Invoice numbers should be real (consecutive), numbers cannot be repeated in one year.

  2. The date of issue and the date of sale (service date), do not have to be the same but must be truthful.

  3. Invoice must contain real data, company name, tax identification number and address of the seller and the buyer: Tastysoft Sp. z o.o. Sienkiewicza 85/87 p.XI lok.8 90-057 Lodz Poland TAX ID: PL7252058310

  4. The description of the invoice must contain the real service that has been done, f.e. Commission for the partners program - November 2020.

  5. The VAT rate should be entered in accordance with the tax regulations applicable for a given country.

  6. The invoice must contain the unit (f.e. services), quantity, net price, net value (multiplying the number by the price), VAT amount, total gross value (net value + VAT amount). NOTE: For countries that do not account for tax VAT choose "np" which means in English not applicable.

  7. When filling in the bank account field, enter the bank's IBAN and Swift and full bank's name necessary for international transfers. Check your bank IBAN and Swift number and fill in before the account number.

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