Everything you need to know to use the UpMenu Partner Reseller Program. Find the answers to all your questions.

What is the UpMenu Reseller Program?

Reseller partners use UpMenu to help their customers grow. You purchase subscriptions from UpMenu and resell them to your customers.

Whats is the difference between reseller program and affiliate program?

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How much could I earn?

You earn the difference between your reseller pricing and UpMenu pricing.

As a reseller you get a discount:

For Basic and Standard subscriptions

For Premium subscriptions

0-9 restaurants

16.5% discount

16.5% discount

10-39 restaurants

20% discount

20% discount

over 40 restaurants

30% discount

50% discount

Do you provide some resources or training materials to learn how to resell and more with a reseller program?

Yes. Resources and training materials are available in your partner app.

Do you provide support for reseller partners?

Yes. Use chat in your partner app.

Do I need to have a registered business to become a partner?

Yes. You have to be an entrepreneur to participate in the partners program.

Who pays for UpMenu subscription?

As a reseller you are paying for UpMenu.

Who configures UpMenu settings?

You configure UpMenu for your customer and give login credentials if you want.

Who makes the formal service agreement with the customer?

In the reseller program you are in charge of this process and do it on your own behalf.

How is the payout made for reseller partners?

You purchase discounted subscriptions from UpMenu and your customers pay to you directly (you are not paid by UpMenu), therefore the payouts timing depends on the pricing model you have for your customers.

Who provides customer support for restaurants?

Both UpMenu and reseller.

Every UpMenu customer has chat so UpMenu will provide support for every question. But if your customer will ask you about something then you provide support.

Note: In "white label reseller program" only reseller provides support (UpMenu chat is hidden for customers)

Do I need to create customer accounts?

Yes, you do need to create accounts in the system on behalf of your customers and then give them access to UpMenu (if you want). After creating the account you will have 7 days to set up the account. After that, you need to select the UpMenu subscription. Your customer will not see the plans nor the billing data (see "How do I bill my customers?" below).

How do I bill my customers?

As you will be running your own billing towards your customers you need to disable the visibility of the standard UpMenu billing for them. For that purpose you need to create a new user for your customer with limited permissions on a restaurant account (if you want). Check how to create users in UpMenu.

Can I arrange monthly payments from restaurants to UpMenu directly?

As a reseller partner you connect your card with UpMenu in the system and you pay the subscription. The way you settle accounts with restaurants is on your side - the formal agreement is between you and restaurants so it is not possible to arrange direct monthly payments.

How much does it cost to become a reseller of UpMenu?

There is no cost to be a reseller. You have to register at the Partner Program and then set up accounts for the restaurant. You start paying when you choose your subscription.

Do you offer exclusivity?

In general we do not offer that option, though, depending on the size of the market, we can make an exception. Chat with us for more details.

Can a Reseller Partner become a white label partner?

Yes! You can become a white label reseller. You can offer your white label online ordering solutions to your customers in your market. White label means that UpMenu logo and branding is not visible to your customers and you can use your own branding instead of UpMenu branding.

Chat with us for more details.

Can you create a website for white label partners?

No. As a reseller or white label reseller you sell UpMenu on your own and you need to create all required materials yourself.

But we provide resources and training materials in your partner app to show you how you can sell UpMenu and earn more.

How to set up a domain for my clients to login?

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How to set up an email address from which the system will send all email messages to diners?

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