The code editor in UpMenu system allows you to make various changes in your website’s theme and layout which you are not able to change in customizing website theme or content. Find out what you can modify and which parts of the code are permanent and not available for editing.

What can I change in the code editor?

Changing code in the code editor depends on the theme you’re using. It is always possible to add/edit:

  • Html files (content, layout)

  • Style CSS (appearance) where you can change colors, sizes and fonts, which you can't edit in "Theme" → "Customize"

  • Resources (e.g. graphic files) which you can't add in "Content"

  • Js scripts (e.g. event handling)

To make changes in the code editor you must go to "Website" → "Theme" → "Code editor" and choose the parts that you want to edit. You can modify the existing code or write one from the scratch on your own.

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What can’t I change in the code editor?

  • Menu

  • Cart

  • Pop-ups with creating orders

  • Pop-ups with payments

Some parts of the code are the same for all our users. That is because some fragments display individual elements such as menu or shopping cart. They are common in the system and they are constantly updated and improved. Therefore we cannot provide this code from the theme editing level.

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