My website is loading slowly

  • Check Internet connection (Router).
    A frequent reason for a slow website performance is access to the Internet connection and its quality. It is also worth making sure that the problem is not related to the speed of your Internet. To do this, perform a link test with Speed ​​Test, which will show the speed of downloading and uploading data and ping (the time needed for the link to connect to the server).

  • Verify the problem by analyzing the page with the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool that reports its performance on mobile and stationary devices. With its help you will get suggestions on how to improve the website.

  • Reduce the size of your files.
    Optimize your photos and files, as high image resolution can significantly slow down the website performance. The correct format of the photos is also important. JPG, PNG and GIF files are the most optimal. Try to avoid extensions like TIFF or BMP because browsers are much worse at dealing with them. See also the recommended photo sizes for the UpMenu website.

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