In UpMenu you can easily hide modifiers when a certain amount is in the cart already. Set how many modifiers can be chosen by your clients and offer them attractive discounts to encourage them to place orders at your restaurant.

Let’s assume that you want to give your client the option of adding a free Coke to one of the salads from your menu.

  1. Go to “Menus” and create additional section for products which will be discounted or free (in that case "Drinks on sale".)

  2. Press on Edit Icon and expand "Advanced settings" enable “Section is not visible directly on the menu”. Save changes.

  3. There is a field for adding a new menu item below the menu items list → Enter the name and price.

  4. Select Options at the selected menu item and choose “Add modifier”.

  5. Fill in the form:
    - Enter the name
    - Select previously created section in the Source of modifiers
    - Setup price (in that example choose "Free")

  6. Expand “Advanced settings” and fill in:
    - "Maximum quantity" next to "Modifiers quantity"
    - "Allowed quantity" next to "Limit of additions"
    - "Add to more menu items" if you want this modifier to be available with more products
    - Save the changes in the form

  7. Once you have added a salad with a promotional drink to your cart, the option to add a free drink will no longer appear with your next salad.

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