In UpMenu, we create modern tools that allow you to sell food online directly from your website, thus helping to reduce costs related to an external portal and gain full control over customer orders. When developing our product, we also care about the highest standard of services and the satisfaction of our customers - Restaurateurs. For this purpose, we have created an account configuration manual and the following tips that we recommend you perform during the free trial period.

1. Use the current version of the browser

It is recommended to use the current version of: the Chrome, Firefox or Opera web browsers to operate the UpMenu website

2. Perform the recommended system configuration

Make sure you have followed all the steps recommended in the instructions for new customers to fully test the functionality of our system.

Getting started with UpMenu.

3. Set your restaurant's working hours

To learn about the possibilities of configuring working hours for your restaurant, enter the settings taking into account individually tailored breaks or various forms of collection.

See how to set up working hours.

4. Enter the contact details of your restaurant

In UpMenu, we will help you to ensure that your restaurant's website is friendly to both customers and search engines. Set up contact details so that they can easily find the place or contact the restaurant quickly.

See how to set up address and contact details.

5. Check the possibility and the online payment providers we work with in your country.

Online payments are made only by the providers listed in the system.

Online payments in UpMenu.

6. Test the ordering process

Make test orders using various order types (delivery, pickup, dine-in), as well as the delivery time as soon as possible or on a specific date.

Thus, check whether you will be able to enter the address format applicable in your country in the order address form. This is especially important due to the possibility of fulfilling orders in delivery.
Also test receiving orders to learn about the variety of functions.

See how to place an order on the test account.

7. Install online orders on your website

If the tested system meets your expectations, all that remains is to choose a subscription and install the system on the website to allow customers to order from your restaurant.
Getting started with installation

The way to success

In UpMenu, we strive to constantly develop our system to effectively improve the work of restaurateurs.

Completing the above points will allow you to verify that our product meets your expectations, before deciding to purchase a subscription. This will allow you to avoid possible disappointments related to the inability to adapt our system to your needs or conditions.

If you have encountered any difficulties, please contact us via Chat. However, if you are satisfied with the solutions applied, subscribe to enjoy the profits and improvements introduced for your restaurant.

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