If you have a website built with UpMenu, you can install a food calculator. Thanks to this, your customers will be able to find out about the nutritional value of the meals they order when placing orders on the restaurant's website.

Nutrition calculator

  1. Go to "Settings" → "Order settings" → "Calories & nutrients".

  2. Expand your menu items and provide the nutritional values for each product: KCal-calories, fat, carbohydrate and protein. If you do not provide these values with any of the products, it will not be displayed in the nutrition calculator.

  3. Go to "Shop settings" → "Navigarion".

  4. Open up options of "Home" navigation and choose "Add subpage".

  5. Create subpage, insert name: Nutrition calculator (the name is displayed on the website), choose template "calculator.html".

  6. Select "Published" and the place where the subpage should be visible - in the top navigation and / or in the footer (option dependent on the selected template).

  7. Fill in the SEO information - enter the title, description and keywords. Click "Save".

  8. The Nutrition Calculator is now visible on your website according to your settings. Your customers can now check how much value the selected products have and how much time they will need to burn calories after a meal.

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